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History of youtube dating site

The world's largest video site has romantic roots, says co-founder Steve Chen. Guess what day the YouTube domain name was registered?

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YouTube Was Meant To Be A Dating Site - Hookups For Sex

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Maia Fielding: Russian what's his name

Kenzaroo: Slavic accents are so sexy to me.

Vadim Dvoskin: Me thinks I would not date a Mexican girl, now I know how they are. Jesus. too much waiting for a kiss.

Huseyin Engin: Bosnian (If possible)

Sanakizaki: YOUR BEST VIDEO BY FARRRRR! LOVED IT i WAS dying laughing

Drimsiii: As a scottish person, i think scottish accents are the best in the wuruld

Jim Taylor: I love it! So accurate! I'm mexican and I've just seen my whole self in there. I haven't heard about those superstitions, but come on, every women wants to catch the bouquet in every wedding and that's one great superstition in our culture. ;)

Barnabas Born: In my country, men always pay on the First date, but you usually take turns on the next ones, but you NEVER split the bill. It's seen as being petty

Sav Alejandra: I've always been a HUGE fan of the Dominican accent. All Caribbean accents are so beautiful!

Dany El: I'm from Brazil and I'm going to post videos of what it's like here, does anyone want to see it?

LaCreep: In my opinion i would say

How do I forget about him?

History of youtube dating site Mhtsaras007: Try to understand science, physics, mathematics, chemistry, politics, computer programming . its easy and make you rich one day.

Lidia Walczak: Hahaha I'm a Canadian women and this is so true

Ronnie Balls: This is generalizing bullshit. there are stupid ass, annoying bitches in germany, as well as educated, nice women. useless and stupid video honestly

Homam Haitham: Do Persian girls please!

Ketty Forest: Shouldn't have listened to feminist agenda of you can have it all, just wait, sister: 08

GloriaC333: If you'd have spoken French, then no, the disgusting things would still be disgusting to you.

Giggle Muh: I'm from Switzerland and I'm tired of hearing: do you live in the mountains? Do you eat cheese every day? So you are rich, right? Do you approve of swiss banks supporting tax evasion (not sure whether this is the right term in english, sorry)?

Guarlaon: Colombian women are very friendly in general, i mean in comparison to white european women, so long as their dad isn't Pablo Escobar:)

M2m1 Yuo: As an Italian man I can confirm this is 1 accurate

Nia Dukes: Open borders for Israel!

Marie Pauvert: Do videos about dating Italian men, Kurdish men and American women.

DracoRepto X: They are lovely!

Michael Q: If Danes don't like talking to strangers, how do they make friends?

Wake And Bake: P.S. the video on dating a Russian woman is total BS.

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  • YouTube was meant to be a video-dating website | Technology | The Guardian
  • YouTube was meant to be a video-dating website Eighteen seconds of elephants, and the...

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  1. Right from newspapers in to modern online dating apps today, people have been using media to propel their love life and relationships.

  2. YouTube was created by PayPal employees as a video-sharing website where users could upload, share and view content.

  3. legalizefemalecirc I've never had a woman complain about it, and it would be pretty pathetic if they did. It's not like it functions any differently.

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