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Japanese mature in pantyhose

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Japanese mature in pantyhose

Luiza Barros: The Russian guy is awesome!

Latte Punch: French is soo hot omg

Hector Lopez: So, thechnically. chinese women are vampires.

Jim Yarn: The next video should be with the guy from the beginning

Pliappa: When prince Caspian makes the cut

Alan Gonin: Do not leave a German man with idle or free time. You'll find him goose stepping east. always to the east.

Jagalalla: Ahh.those English gentlemen#

Bruno Cano: She speaks in a Russian accent

I'm Mikey: How about dating a moslem women can you tell me the way ?

Codywice: I think I could go for a Turkish girl. They seem very affectionate and something about a fiery, jealous and possessive woman that's kinda hot.

Al Bert: Everything seems polite until the kissing part.DISGUSTANG FOLKS!

Malixxxxd: Semoga keangkuhan dan kezaliman Zionist Israel segera hancur. Aamiin

Trippnface: The Jamaican women is so beautiful :)

Thestarsky999: Please, can you do Brazilian men?

Thebestresh: I recommend you talk to an actual Swedish person cause this is very inaccurate. You can't trust tourists to know everything about a country

AdriГ Prat: I have travelled the world found the Danes the friendliest people I have EVER met

Larissa: I just love ur videos .rocking

Summer J: Boobs and vagene

EuroS50: Hahha that me

TheUnP0ssible: My girlfriends Canadian and yeah she likes when i play around with her and complement her

Aesthetic 85: Remind me never to go to Russia.

Manon K: Whats that shit french

Emily Kavita: Just like any other women?

Shiro26: I would date a woman like those, such an interesting person.

Ana Stylinson: I'm dutch and to be honest, most of these thing are completely nonsense.


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  1. Hey all the bullshit feminist did you know there are more men in prison getting raped in prison then women getting raped in the U.S.

  2. Good work completely trivializing rape. Real victims won't be believed because of people like you.

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