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Panama city panama nightlife girls

Since the famous canal was built over a century ago Panama City has had a reputation as a somewhat international city....

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I went with a couple buddies to Panama City PC for a long weekend a few weeks back.

Casco Viejo —by far the most popular nightlife destination and the historic Spanish Colonial, the business district , and the spectacular Amador Causeway connecting a string of Panama Bay islands with ocean and city views both day and night. In turn a handful of guys come in and out of the bar all night looking for women.

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Prices are as to be expected in downtown Panama City. One of the girls I talked to said the number of visas has been coming down a bit, which may actually be a positive as it filters out the less attractive women i. However, your travel to Panama will bring you close to girls, who are cute looking, and could be ravishing on the bed. The bar is located in a kind of shopping center.

If you say yes here, then Panama is not your place as the girls of Panama are not as voluptuously beautiful as those from Colombia, Argentina or Venezuela or other Latin American countries.

Panama city panama nightlife girls


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  1. The Panamanian people love a party - a fact reflected in a wide variety of nightlife spots-bars, discos, pubs and casinos.

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