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Creepy intimidating songs

Utilizing liberal advancing scan3 playback techniques and extremely on target MPEG video decoders, that DVD recorder provides an carved figure that faithfully represents the spitting...

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Pennfootball: O sotaque Brasileiro arrasa!

Jill Bage: I'm French and all i have to say is THIS IS SO CRAZY!

Joe Ramirez: Omfg it's true

MisterSir: Ukrainian women are so much friendlier and sweet, Russian women complete opposite but gorgeous

T Raven: Pretty sure a lot of what makes it sexy is how well they sing. This was a terrible way to test this

Maha Tahir: Hahaha :D so true

Emilia M.: Iwent to Holland ones and the duch men took my heart it is very romantic citywith biscels and flowers every where it was like a dream

Jiminimized: Anyway, nobody drinks like scanidinavians

Ddd7386: As a Latino, I gotta say our culture is so similar to theirs, especially when it comes to that last bit about the arguments!

Vivian Lu: Omg Taiwanese was so cute!

Booknerd927: You know you are dating a Dutch man or a Belgian woman please.

Doms Zuim: The Irish guy is from the North. If you come to Ireland not Northern Ireland you won't hear this accent, so it's not very accurate to have him there.

Sophia Papp: Things are missing from ur car or apartment like money or change

Jamie Forrest: Boring women, boring sports that the rest of the world doesn't care, well, at least you can hug polar bear, but wait, they aren't even that many as people think.

Filiz Baltaci: Yes girls do expect romantic bg, husband, but more they want financial strong partner, it is literally true.

NaziAssUtube: I hate how she said shes german while shes obviously polish, since you can see in other videos she knows like prononciation and word meanings and shit. another pole who went to live somewhere else and forgot where their roots are. ;/

Will Lowe: That Polish girl can't speak Polish. She have strange accent, put unnatural tension and doesn't use cases.

Hayat Khan: I love these cultural videos ahahah. I am German-Italian so I'm a mix of both But I think thats not why I find this so hilarious.

Rick Marrero: Can you do a Swedish woman? thanks

Jack Borland: I must say as someone who hears Brazilian Portuguese.that did not sound Portuguese

Random Guy: As a Swede I think this is way off. Fun but way off.

Mojca JanДЌar: Ooh! TRINIDADIAN! I'm feelin proud! :D

Redskam: Goodness how'd ya get so many foreigners

Carley Aoun: I love Columbian accents

Destiny Sama: When she doesn't shave her armpits.

Estel Jatru: Wow this is so much easier when you actually speak fluent Russian. and you grew up in that part of the world.


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Creepy intimidating songs

The sparseness and melody of the Dots combined with the atomospherics, samples and noisier parts of Skinny Puppy. Sadly, it was never performed in his lifetime, but the arrangement by his friend Rimsky-Korsakov has become a concert blockbuster.

A woman calls into a radio show to talk about how a violent sexual assault has left her with anxiety. Is it loud noises, creepy sounds, or the terrifying stories music can tell? John Williams - Jaws It doesn't seem logical that just two notes could cause such a sense of foreboding, but John Williams managed it.

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  3. Sadly, it was never performed in his lifetime, but the arrangement by his friend Rimsky-Korsakov has become a concert blockbuster.

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