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Jaikee Berlin: Please do one on Trinidadians, i'm sure you will get a kick out of that

John Dorian: Marina, you know well on how to please us! Thank you so much!

Rae Kathryn: Hahahaha my boyfriend is french and the part about the food and complaining is so true!

Oscar R: Absolutely the hottest lady in the series.

June Mc: I'm from Singapore, and whenever I go overseas, it's always either: Oh, Singapore! Is that in China? OR Is there really a ban on chewing gum there?

MaRiTrOniC PB: Im from france, and it's true, the concept of dating doesnt really exist, i think i f we just hang out and keep hanging out, the whole concept of boyfriend girlfriend isnt such a big deal as in the US/Canada. I feel like when someone says hey this is my bf/gf people are generally like OMG dont say that im not your gf/bf, like they're gonna get married tomorrow or smth

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Beautiful naked women with big boobs

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There are loads of gaming websites greater than the internet.

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Ma Weck: We have restaurants here in Phil. with unlimited rice. you can eat rice as much as you want. RICE IS LIFE.

Fap God: The russian I mean.

Clarahbobarah: Political correctness is a virus from Germany that controls the Czech media and part of the political scene. I'm for czexit

Bob The Blob: Nois sensualiza demais mano .

LeckerBambi: Please do dating an Italian man, Mexican man, or a man from New Zealand (kiwi)!

Tacho_Nacho: Omfg my fucking contry sometimes i tought that our country isn't know in the world like i thought we are a country that nobody ever heard aboout it

Game Sharkie: Personally I like Japanese and Spanish language Korean is pretty good too.

Wender Soares: Even being shy I didn't want to hurt him more by letting him continue his hope of us being together and quite bluntly no I don't want to date you and no I don't feel that way about you but still he insisted so I started 'ghosting him. He was texting me constantly even 8 months after I had started blanking him! It was actually quite scary at the same time I felt very bad for him.

Willy Pacas: I got 5

Johnny Bravo: U don't pay in China , u won't get a second date.

Jack Becce: The brown guy is a rapist from India, not the UK.

Giggleherz: OMG. As a russian man everything is true! definitely true!

Mieomieo92: I am brasilian and I never let my girl walk on the outside of the road to. Very nice

Erik Russi: And dont be surprised when she come about 1hour late and than you will have to pay for everything because her time is more expensive than yours, also dont be suprised that she is cheating on you after months of relationship and dont be surprised that you will never find out whats going on in her small head.Yeah, i love czech women, they are really nice for whole week.


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