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Statistics of sexual harassment cases in india

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India recorded cases of sexual harassment at the workplace in , up percent from , a joint report by EY and Indian industry body FICCI from last year showed. Which of the following stalking behaviors have you been a victim of? The decline in actual instances of violence —as implied by survey data—has been accompanied by a rise in reporting, especially after the December gang rape in Delhi. We provide you with detailed information about our Corporate Account.

In New Zealand, where women hold 38 percent of parliamentary seats and the prime minister is a woman, lawmakers recently guaranteed paid leave for victims of domestic violence. Secondly, there is a possibility that the NFHS survey itself under-reports the extent of violence. But the lower house never voted on the bill.

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Actresses speaking out against sexual assault in India - Free Dating Chat

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  1. Lacis slightly feminist attitude can be annoying sometimes. Like even though this video is literally talking to men. She directs to women.

  2. A new survey offers the first set of nationwide data on prevalence, showing that the problem is pervasive and women are most often the victims.

  3. As many as 1, cases of sexual harassment of women at workplace were registered in four years till 12 December, , or one case every day, according to this reply to the Lok Sabha Lower House of Parliament on 15 December,

  4. Taking into account that crime statistics, especially those on sexual violence, tend to suffer from under-reporting, here is a look at the data on sexual violence in India.

  5. The rapes in Kathua and Unnao have triggered an intense debate on sexual violence, and the punishment that should be meted out to perpetrators.

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