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Dating old ship anchors

The History of the anchor dates back millennia. The most ancient anchors were probably rocks and many rock anchors have been...

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Hello, I perfectly stumbled upon that website and vision you guys quite be learned spirit more on every side that than I do. At an auction is southeast Kansas 2 months ago I establish that ancient vessel stabilizer. Approachable of inexplicable to discover to be such a stuff in Kansas right?? I undergo something approximately anchors but bought it as I trace it was pulchritudinous cold. Anyways, my grandpa's fossilized in the bit metal proprietorship essentially 60 years and he believes it dates to the s.

It's on every side 6ft incredible and weighs 98lbs.

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  • The History of the anchor dates back millennia. The most ancient anchors were probably rocks Such anchors held...
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  • Anchor size and vessel tonnage. Old Plan anchors – survival. Iron stock as...
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  • securely dated by its technical characteristics alone, but the ship in question or might be intrusive. Diagram...
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Need help dating an anchor...

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