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Fender bandmaster cabinet dating

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Janis Joplin: Would love to see a video on what it's like dating a Serbian man and Serbian women

Silke K: This is so funny to watch as a german. Yes, we cant do smalltalk and if someone asks how i am, im really happy somebody has an interest in me. :D Also if youre late, youre fucked, haha! And were not good at flirting, i guess.

Lee Wayne: If this is what a french woman is like, I will never ever in a million years date a french woman.

Virtue____ _: She would rather stay at her dirty rental apartment with her cheap plastic dildoes and watch gay porn than actually hang out with that real White Man she fell in love with and her feminist friends jealously demand she to stay away from.

Elliot Smith: The wallet bit is significant, presents for all her family which is bound to be large then if the relationship is made official, which it will be don't worry, it will be more than presents more like an allowance. Enjoy.

Hellen Grey: Soy un caballo en la cama. Dejame ponerte mi platano.

Joe MINIMAL: Kinda disappointed there were no Balcan languages

Crywolf 1337-: Haha no shit

Jawa Deepak: What I liked the most about this video was. . .

JEZZ Kha: Lets just get one thing straight here. Greek (Hellenic to be more accurate is one thing, Greek-American is a different thing. One should not be thought to be the same with the other ty.

Tsukishiro: Well,I'm Russian girl and I don't go to date without romantic and wine. Wine, wine, wine and wine again

Skimyworld08: Nice video, sadly it won't work for me. I don't even get the opportunity to talk to women. They are always miles away when I make my apareance.

EleoTeardrop: So ive learned that women dont like guys who have fun with their friends.have a nice car and are in shape.

Like 4689: Dating? Or Living with, which is a stupid idea.

Discussion in ' Amp Central Station ' started by cheeseman , May 23, Log in or Sign up. May 23, 1. I'm still working on restoring this old '67 Bassman. The head is done and sounds I've documented and dated everything. I made templates of the board layout, cabinet dimensions; everything I could think of.

If anyone needs anything let me know. It was a 4x10" closed back cab at one time, but it's been hacked and a 15" Altec A jammed in. I was hoping I might be able to date the cabinet for the owner. I did some looking around, but it seems cabinets are hard to date. There is a tag stamped with S I can attach a few pics of that might help.

Fender bandmaster cabinet dating
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I guess the full-width port at the bottom of the baffle board should have been a big clue, but I think the old eyeballs must be going because I didn't even see that in the picture Damn and they told me the knees were the first thing to go Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians' website. May 23, 3. His name was Sam Hutton.

The batting is in smaller pieces than the '66 cab, but this is the original batting.

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My Best 5F6-A Bassman Demo To Date - Texting Dating Sites

Personally, if I wanted a cab that I might be using with any number of different heads, I'd go for an 8 ohm cab. Also they have no horn. I found this while cleaning a 66 Bassman Cab up and was sort of shocked because I had never thought to look there, I always opened up the cab to check for dates on the inside or check speakers codes as stated previously.

I think she is maybe around ish. Speakers are bulky and take up lots of room so they would not have been warehoused like smaller parts like pots, caps and tuners for long.

Dating a Fender Bassman...
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Youtube's Fender Bassman AB165 - Secret Hookup

  • You may be selling a output through despite someone else...

  • Just wanted to know how do you "date" a Fender Bassman amp Cabinet? I've seen the different ways to...
  • Opportunities thinks fitting up with closer and faster and you ordain in from...

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Allon33: I'd say it's safer to go on a date without making any assumptions, but instead keeping an open mind and authentic interest in knowing the woman as an individual, regardless of the ethnic group or culture they are part of.

Wolfy ВЂў: When your not allowed to marry her because youre not a jew

UnluckyZero: Omg so weird because i thought i was the only one who had a thing for Irish men and accent. I fancy them so much 3

Stan Safonov: Now from east Africa. You know when you are dating Ethiopian man women. :D

T Youmutha: In Poland man always pays the bill, first, second.

Paul Norton: Who cares what woman think is hot? its a manns world

Hobi's Wife: Fortunately not all russian girls are like this

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