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Risk factors assessing sexual offenders

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Understanding, Assessing and Rehabilitating Juvenile Sexual Offenders - Date Hookup

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The revised algorithm creates five categories instead of four see Appendix 2. To further reduce variability due to diverse sources of recidivism information, the analyses were restricted to Canadian offenders for whom national criminal history records had been received. The association between the 16 stable items and recidivism was examined using correlation coefficients, frequency tables, and ROC analyses. The following are key examples of actuarial tools developed for use with adult sex offenders:.

Officers must use their professional judgement to rate all the stable and acute factors. Any crime and any recidivism risk calculated using all acute factors.

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There were six women in the sample; one of them reoffended with a non-sexual violent crime. As jurisdictions begin to explore the ways in which assessments are approached and used within their current systems of adult and juvenile sex offender management, it is helpful to consider them within the context of four broad categories:. Consequently, the last known recidivism event was in February, — the date of our last follow-up with a police jurisdiction.

Another important question was whether it was possible for community supervision officers to conduct reliable and valid assessments of sensitive personal characteristics e. The attitudes of incest offenders: It is reasonable to assume that for the one item in which all the officers disagreed with the answer key, the answer key was incorrect.

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The assessment data were considered administrative records controlled by the specific jurisdictions and did not require the consent of offenders to collect. For example, it is possible that an individual categorized as high risk will not ultimately reoffend false positive , and that an offender rated as low risk will commit a new sex offense false negative.

All of the probation and parole officers scoring risk of reoffence for these community-based sexual offenders were trained in sexual offender risk assessment by attending a two-day training that focussed on scoring actual case examples. In addition to the Static items, the static questionnaire included basic demographic information for the offender as well as the ages and pre-existing relationships for all known victims of sexual offences. Similar patterns were shown for all other risk factors.

Risk factors assessing sexual offenders

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