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Apb matchmaking

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We have bronze, silver. And our attempts to regulate that using individual skill thresholds silver, gold etc. You should be fine on Bronze.

The gold district is always empty, and the silver district is filled with golds. Matchmaking system discussion self. Silvers districts were locked from golds entering, but all that happened was a heap of gold players dethreating afterwards.

Apb matchmaking

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My clan and some friends spent an hour for a couple days hanging in gold districts seeing if anyone would join. Match making is a system that ensures you have someone to play against. There is a balance mechanic at work but the pool of players it has to choose from will inevitably place you against players where you feel you are vastly superior too or completely inferior too at times.

APB submitted 2 years ago by Veancy. The gold district is always empty, and the silver district is filled with golds. Nobo-sama View Profile View Posts.

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