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Validating mailboxes stuck in the suburbs

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I live in the zip code, Laurel, Maryland. I asked the Seller to see what they can find out. Oct 22, 9: Never waited this long!

Every single time a package lands there, it's like a black hole.

Validating mailboxes stuck in the suburbs

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The item is currently in transit to the next facility as of April 11, I don't know if the other carriers are bad, but when I ship a small package from Seattle to Florida in June with no real weather issues, and it takes a week to arrive, that's a problem.

Please file a complaint directly with the Postal Service at emailus. Cause it's past 3 here and it's going to Pa and I know it's well past 3 there. Delivery Hurdles Jul 23, Postal Service to see if it could consolidate facilities and equipment.

Now it just says it departed that facility and is in transit to the destination yesterday on the 14th.

Why am I thinking like this?

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Stuck in the suburbs - Free Dating Chatrooms

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